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2 March 1979
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A little about me: my name's Sarah, I'm a redheaded Pisces with a penchant for tattoos, paranormal fiction, good fanfic, dreadlocks, Joss Whedon, BBC scifi (Doctor Who and Torchwood, w00t!) and lolcats. I'm currently in the process of writing a YA (young adult) fantasy as well as an adult post apocalyptic UF (urban fantasy) and several short stories. Between that and giving attention to my little dog, whose demands are growing by the day, I work in the real world and dream of the day where I can live off my book revenues. A goal in life: to have my book cover art painted by Michael Whelan. Fave authors include (but aren't limited to) Kim Harrison, Karen Chance, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Rachel Vincent, and various fandom goddesses (*waves at mithrigil, sheafrotherdon and synecdochic*).

Regular hangouts include:
The Verla Kay Writing Boards
Wordpad (the word processing software), writing.
I Can Haz Cheezburger (lolcat heaven)
My flist *wavies*

Friending policy: anyone/everyone is welcome to friend me. Chances are I'll friend you back if you're a writer, whether professionally or of fanfic I enjoy. If I trim you off, however, I apologize but I want to be able to keep up with my flist. *hugs*

Hope to meet y'all soon! :-)

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My motto: "The scene does not have to be perfect. The scene has to be written." - matociquala, aka Elizabeth Bear

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