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Yesterday, tired of focusing on writing, I took the day "off" and read instead. "Quarter Share" by Nathan Lowell, a scifi coming-of-age tale, is exactly what I needed to get my mind off the monotony of my job and onto something so much more awesome! It's not an adventure tale, but one about a young man forced to find his way in the world and signs on with a space vessel. Some would (do) call it boring but it's the perfect mental escape from real life; the world is incredibly well-imagined, even the processes of the ship. I'm about halfway through and LOVING IT so far.

The other book I'm reading, a far cry from QS, is "Happier Than A Billionaire" about a couple who give up the fast-paced life here in the US and move to Costa Rica. Also am halfway through that book and, again, LOVING IT for different reasons. She and her husband live down there simply for $1000/month, own their own land, and, well, frankly are living the new "American Dream". :) Maybe it's affecting me so much because I want to do something similar eventually, but I don't know if I can take that sort of laid back lifestyle for a while. I need to feel needed; it's a bad habit I'm trying hard to break. ;-P

Despite taking time "off" to read, I'm moving along with my second round of ebook fare. Doing the editing, it occured to me I should probably give them time to breathe a bit so I can look at them with fresh eyes again, so they won't be going out until middle of next week. On a much happier note however, I was looking at the numbers so far and so far this week has doubled the numbers of the last three weeks combined (16 sales, 8 of which were this week; and that's just at Amazon).

Work beckons, then home to hopefully NAP. Tired doesn't begin to cover how I feel this morning...


Aug. 29th, 2011 05:03 pm (UTC)
I did! It wasn't long enough but then, they rarely are. ;)

How did your weekend go?


Garrus FACTS


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