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The importance of liking what you do

I've spent the past few months devoted to writing or on writerly pursuits. Well, and vacationing. That part was super nice. :)

In that time I also finished my first "novel" (barely 36k words, all "plot" and was immediately trunked) and self-published my first short story (also written during my LJ absence). No I won't link or pimp it here, sufficed to say I've sold 7 in less than two weeks, a number I'm happy with. :) I also have more coming out but as this is a genre I sort of fell into (ghosts of fanfic past) I'd like to keep the pen name private.

So far, I've been doing good. Life-wise, that is. :) Dude is talking marriage and honeymoons (without even proposing yet - silly Dude *g*), I enjoyed a wonderful family vacation last month, I have a personal business starting (self-pubbing) that I hope will take off (but don't expect it overnight), I have a Dude I adore (who's currently in Hawaii on his own family vacation; he thinks we need to honeymoon there)...

Life is good. ;-)

*relaxed sigh*

I tried posting a few days ago and it's subsequent loss made me loathe to try again until now.

Currently I'm along the Oregon coast, listening to the waves outside our room, laying in bed typing this out on my phone. Life is very good. :) It's a good vacation so far: haven't gotten much writing done (didn't really expect to, it's a family vacation and, sure enough, I've been spending it with family) but I did work a bit on my outline last night.

This last weekend I've been keeping track, via Twitter and BBC, of the horrible events around the world. First Norway with the Oslo bombing then that youth camp shooting: 92 souls lost last I heard. Poor Amy Winehouse was found dead in her flat, then not long after that I heard about the massive train derailment in China. ....it wasn't a good weekend for so many folks.

The weekend was also San Diego Comic Con and I felt almost bad, given all the tragedies, laughing and having fun with the various antics across the convention. My nephew was able to go (given last minute tickets from a friend; wish I had friends like that!) and I was quite jealous of his weekend tweets.

Over the last couple years I've grown up away from my family - or rather, many of them have grown up away from me. My little cousins who I only remember as babies are getting ready for Middle School, or graduating from HS, and I haven't seen them grow. They're pretty cool though: it's so strange to hang around YA-age kids as that's the age group I write; they really are so silly sometimes!!

*sigh* I really, really needed this vacation. My life isn't horrible by any means but I needed to get away from the monotony for a while and what a perfect retreat. My parents wanted all their children together and wanted us to do whatever we wanted; so far I'm getting roped into bike rides or walks or beach visits or local shopping; I'll eventually say no and plunk myself behind the computer to write but honestly I'm having such a blast.

Can't life be one long vacation? Pretty please? ;-p


"Plot Device"

Way too funny not to share. :-D

Plot Device from Red Giant on Vimeo.

*goes back to lurk-mode*

Crawling into my head

Sometimes I get this need to retreat from the world, curl up inside my own head and camp out for a bit. At those times I'm at best simply gone, at worst antisocial. In a desire not to alienate people I'm going to retreat from blogging for a bit; I'll try to keep up with my emails but I can't shake this funk that's settled over me the last week so am going incognito for a while. I'll still be on Twitter and, who knows, maybe this funk'll clear up the minute I hit post.

Doubt it, but miracles could happen.

Brain fog, the bad zombie food

It's six in the evening, I'm slogging through these edits and not terribly happy to still be awake. All day I've been looking forward to a nap but work got out late and it wasn't a good time so I parked my butt in this booth and am trying to get some more edits done. Still working on that first chapter; I want to try fixing the empty spaces in chapter two and maybe expand a bit, but I'm beginning to think that after the somewhat fast-paced first chapter I may need to skip this part or put it somewhere else later on. Beta-lady, you may be the final word here if I can ever mock up a final copy of chapter 2.

There are other things to talk about, like Dude's wisdom teeth needing to be pulled and how I like my online plot workshop members but, *ugh*. Really hard to be at all chatty or optimistic about today when my brain just want sleeeeeeeeeeeep. I'm moody when I've had little sleep apparently, if today's any indication.

Brain fog: it's not just a zombie diet food.
*staggers back to edits*

Caffeine is SATAN!!

I am not a coffee drinker. I am not a soda kinda girl. In general, I only drink tea if it's put in front of me.

I am a water girl. It's my drink if choice.

So when I spend all day guzzling nothing but iced tea with Splenda, then try to go to bed at ten pea-em less than an hour after my last caffeine dose, who am I going to blame for the constant bathroom breaks and rampant insomnia?

(and if you say "me" I will kick you)

Ugh. The rest from a beautiful weekend RUINED because I had the absurd idea I needed to get more into the "spirit of summer". Argy-blarghy.... :-/
I've been having a heck of a time getting onto LJ to update but the page seems to work fine on my iPhone. This interweb connection apparently sucks (while 3G is good).

Finally got my beta notes today and I've put in nearly 500 words into my edits (which include a bunch of description and expanding on things my first draft glossed over). The eponymous queenoftheskies gave me excellent thoughts which I'm excitedly staying up past my "bedtime" to implement. :-D

Today also began the online plotting workshop I'm "attending" over at Savvy Authors being put on by Rhonda Stapleton, who is also slated to be my editor for this WIP (if I can ever get my hiney in gear to finish these rewrites). Plotting has forever been my bane, not so much through lack of trying as basic cluelessness; I'm hoping this gives me a practical basis for at least this WIP. :-D

I spent a lot of time at area Paneras today, mostly using the interwebz much to my chagrin. I also went and saw "Transformers 3" again and still really enjoyed it: much easier to break down the second time around. One thing I loved about this film is how they compounded the helpless moments until everything was at it's lowest (which makes any victory so much better). Much of the ending itself may have been disjointed but that first 3/4 of the movie lead-up was excellent.

Anyway, back to edits! I should really be heading home but I'd like to get a bit more writing done with chapter one, and with any luck finish this round of edits. Still have a whole book to rewrite but I'm excited my beta enjoyed the beginning. :-D

Work work work....

After a wonderful three-day weekend, I'm back at work on the holiday itself. Upside: double pay! Downside: I'm not done until 4pm (or later). :(

Had a great weekend though: took the Dude through parts of historic Sacramento and ate at some dive restaurants he's seen on TV or I've heard about. :) I also discovered the tunnels/underground of Old Sac; we didn't do the tour as it was past midday and hotter 'n blue blazes but definitely next time!

Still awaiting chapter 1 beta notes (no rush!) while rewrites continue crawling along. I'm not sure why it's been so hard to buckle down but I'm thinking it's either because I've no outline (I might try to remedy that), or I'm worried about the plot being borked. On the second reason I've gone ahead and signed up for an online plot workshop being held by Rhonda Stapleton. I'm looking forward to it, sure hope it gets me on track!

I also am getting tomorrow off (this holiday is REALLY weird) so plan to focus on writing/edits. Tomorrow starts the workshop as well so I'm hoping it helps me with this story's plot (that's my weakness, honestly). :-)

Had to share

jimhines wrote an excellent post today about Alcohol, Rape and Bristol Palin. The subject matter is something I still struggle with and remains a secret (to those close to me) shame that rears it's ugly head every so often.

This afternoon I head north to see my family and Dude. I have three days off but have to work on the 4th which dampens things a little. Still, it's a long weekend free of work and early alarm clock settings so I really hope I feel better quick. I need a vacation and hope this little respite helps until the Oregon coast family trip later this next month.

I know my pup Dixie's going to be happy; she always loves going to see my family as it's a much bigger house (with a yard!). She doesn't like the diapers too much but she makes do. :) My parents' dogs are her buddies too which helps.

First things first: get through the day job. The last workday before vacation is always so tough...

GIP cuz SO appropriate today

Well it's way past my bedtime and I'm still awake cleaning house. Tomorrow I leave for my parents' place up in Sactown to spend the weekend with them and the Dude. Of course I wait until the last minute to make my house presentable; laundry has been pit away, mail cleared out, dishes done; all I need now is a few last-minute sweeps then vacuuming (oh yeah, the birds are gonna LOVE that one) before I leave tomorrow. :)

I didn't get a lick of writing in today which annoys me but some things had to get done. I've been so focused on writing lately that I've put a lot off, some of it too long. Either way it's getting done now and hopefully Dude's SIL (who's going to be bird sitting) won't be too scandalized by the state of my apartment.

This morning I got a quick note from my beta about the state of my first chapter. My reaction to these kinds of letters always amuses me: the first thing I do when I read these is freak out (THEY HATE IT!!) unnecessarily, but that passes quickly (thank goodness) and I'm grateful for the thoughts. I need to expand on a few bits and do more show-not-tell.

Yay for betas!!!

It's late, past both mine and the birds' bedtimes so I'm going to call it a night. See you tomorrow LJ!


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