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On things that distract us...

It's both sucky and awesome that the video game I've been waiting TWO YEARS for was released this week. Awesome because Mass Effect 3 is everything I could have hoped for (so far) - sucky, because this happens to be my moving week. I need to finish unpacking, I need to write more, but all I want to do is sit in front of my TV and go on missions with characters I've come to adore. I've seen the ending(s) for the game already thanks to YouTube (I've always been a read-the-end-of-the-book-first kinda girl anyway) and the fact that it's a Pyrrhic victory without the HEA ending I'd hoped for - I mean, my LI Thane doesn't make it no matter what you do, and if you're not thorough enough EVERYONE dies I'm still going to love this game. Why? Because I've bled and sweat with them through all the missions and, by God, I need to see how it all comes out.

That, and I'll always have fan fiction to turn to if I'm in the mood for HEA. ;)

So yeah, whereas I'd decided to work on my stories this weekend, the truth is that I'd rather spend it in more illustrious (if slightly digital) company.

My dream is to someday create characters this awesome. Every Writer's dream I guess. ;-)


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