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Deadlines stink

I'll freely admit it: I've never been good with deadlines. In college I was always the one in the computer lab late at night (granted, with MANY others) typing out the 10-page essay due that morning. It's as if I can't work without pressure and yet when I get to that point my brain fritzes out. (I have to admit, I usually got very good grades on those last-minute papers which is likely why the procrastination habit never went away - it wasn't punished.)

I had a goal to get my next release out tomorrow. It was going to need to be done today but my last story, admittedly the hardest, remains unfinished. Worse, I'm unmotivated to write. Yeah, THAT'S always delightful. :-/ Fortunately I know what's going to happen and I can probably finish it tonight if I focus, but the subject matter is new to me and I'm having to think a lot on this one.

Anyway. Life isn't all about writing (good thing too or I'd be inSANEly burned out right now). I have the week of 9/11 off and am determined to do a roadtrip of some sort, preferably by motorcycle. Roadblock #1: Dude is using the bike as it's the only other reliable vehicle in our arsenal; #2: bike needs a new rear tire and while getting it's easy, finding downtime for Dude to either swap it or take it in is problematic. I'm actually getting annoyed at not having my bike; this was supposed to be a temporary stop-gap measure, but 4 months later... Arg. Another conversation for another time.

It seems that Richelle Mead (blue_succubus) has had her baby if I understood Twitter right!! Her last Succubus/Georgina book is out today which I intend to pick up after work. ;-D

Uh oh, bossman's in town. Time to look busy!! ;-)


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